performance tour

With this tour you can make your daily training while you are cycling on the edge of Marmara Sea and Bosphorus, watching one of the most gorgeous view of Istanbul.

You will have a flexibility to select the distance, duration and avarage speed depending your condition during the tour if you book individually for this tour. The distance of this tour can vary from 30 km. (about 20 miles) up to 80 km.(50 miles).


If you decide to make Beauties of Bosphorus Road Bike Tour with us, to be able to provide you the proper bike and give you price offer we need some more information:

  • The location of your hotel (because we deliver the bikes to your hotel)
  • What size of bike you need (alternatively you can also write your height)
  • If you have SPD shoes, you should write what kind of cleats you need (SPD or SPD-SL)
  • For how many days you need the bikes


If you wish to spend more time and to make longer cycling in Turkey, we recommend you to join our Cycling & Triathlon Training Camps.


  1. Colin Pfaff says:

    Can I join any performance tour on Thursday? I am not in email but using whatsapp +27798147586

  2. Colin Pfaff says:

    Do you have a performance tour on fri 8 July?

  3. Shams Uddin says:

    My name is Shams from the UK. How much do you charge to hire road bikes. Do you have a branch in Antalya or Alanya. We were thinking of a cycling holiday from Antalya/Alanya to Istanbul and were looking into the logistics. We wanted to hire the road bikes from Antalya/Alanya, cycle up to Istanbul over a week and return the bikes in Istanbul. Appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Hazem Demrdash says:

    I’m arriving at Istanbul this Friday 26th of April and leaving the next Friday 5th of May.
    Do you have any tours available during this week?
    I prefer to bring my road bike with me, is it OK?

  5. Abdellah Messaoudi says:


    Rental bike or one day complet
    How much ?

    1. cembalsun says:

      You can contact us:
      via e-mail : tour@istanbulonbike.com
      or WhatsApp +905326513255

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