The Istanbul On Bike project started in 2012 with the aim of combining sightseeing and sport. Our tours allow you to see a lot, in less time and with less money.

At the basis of this project is the consideration that motorized vehicles (cars, taxis, buses) are not the best way to visit a city, in particular Istanbul. They are slow, polluting, expensive and not convenient at all. Working as tourist guides, countless times we have experienced the frustration of being stuck in the traffic with our guests, wasting precious time we could have spent for sightseeing. So many times the guests had to leave Istanbul without having seen some of the best places due to lack of time. This is particularly true in the high-season, when loads of tourists pour into the city.

Walking is also a good option but still it is pretty slow and tiring and it does not allow you to go too far. How about biking? Riding a bike is easy, fast, convenient, eco-friendly and above all enjoyable!
Visiting Istanbul by bike give us the chance to avoid the crowding and the bustle and rediscover all the hidden beauties that we miss when we are in a car or a bus: the beautiful design of a building, the expressive face of a peddler, a charming antique store, an old inscription on a wall, a pretty wooden house…
Especially in spring and summer we can enjoy the natural landscape of the city: the gardens covered with tulips, the enchanting color of the blooming Judas trees, the sun rays reflecting in the placid waters of the Golden Horn, the flight of the seagulls on the Bosphorus…

All our tours are designed to show you the best of Istanbul – great monuments as well as hidden gems – and to give you a taste of the city’s daily life. In the designing process we take into consideration several factors: security, ease of riding, cultural assets, enjoyment.
Our professional and experienced tourist guides will disclose you the wonders and the secrets of the city, always leading you on the right path.

Our routes cover all the most beautiful areas of Istanbul and are available both as private and shared tours. Choose the one you like and go for this unforgettable experience!

We invite you to ride a bike with us on two continents…

Come and meet OUR TEAM!

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