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  • Istanbul Old City Tour  will make you discover the wonders of Sultanahmet, the historical peninsula of Istanbul where for thousands of years great empires have flourished. Riding our bikes in the ancient Constantinople we will see mosques, palaces, churches, parks and traditional districts (historical areas of Istanbul is a part of World Heritage Site of UNESCO […]

  • Relive ‘Asian Side Sightseeing Tour’  Welcome to the unique Intercontinental Bike Tour of Istanbul. At this special bike tour you will feel the privilege of riding a bike on two continents, either on Europe or Asia in a half day. Eurasia Bike & Boat Tour is the most comfortable one among our bike tours and […]

  • Four Days in Istanbul by Bike, Foot, and Boat  What do you think would be the best way to explore Istanbul when visiting for the first time? By foot, by bike, or maybe even by boat? Why not try all three! Our four day tour package lets you see the very best of Istanbul by […]

  • Let’s Pedal Would you like to experience cycling on the back streets of Istanbul where the past and today integrated? If it be so, this tour will be very you, especially if you have a limited time in Istanbul. Unlike all other tours we provide, this one’s completely spontaneous. We will ride to wherever the […]

  • On this half-day tour (4 hours) we will cycle around the Golden Horn (Haliç in Turkish), the inlet of the Bosphorus which divides Istanbul in two parts. In this scimitar-shaped natural harbor Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations flourished for millennia.

  • With this performance tour you can make your daily training while you are cycling on the edge of Marmara Sea and Bosphorus, watching one of the most gorgeous view of Istanbul. You will have a flexibility to select the distance, duration and avarage speed depending your condition during the tour if you book individually for […]

  • We will extend our bicycle tours adding new destinations either for amateur bikers or professional cyclists in Turkey. If you are a traveller who likes to discover new places with bike or a professional cyclist who plans to make a training camp on suitable paths we can cover all your expactations with our different tour […]

  • On this half-day tour (4 hours) we will ride along the beautiful shore of the Bosphorus on the European side. The route is comfortable, flat and very scenic, offering fabulous views of the strait. In addition to the marvellous panorama, we will visit great monuments, nice parks, pretty marinas and the most fancy districts of […]

  • 15 kilometers north-west of Istanbul, on the European side, it lies the beautiful Belgrade Forest, the largest woodland of the region. The forest is named after the successful capture of the Serbian city of Belgrade in the XVI century by Sultan Suleyman. Within the forest can be found also some historical reservoirs of Roman and […]